Luther V. Garrison Sr. Masonic Foundation Inc. - "The more people you help to become successful,
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                                                 Luther V. Garrison Sr. Masonic Foundation, Inc.
                                           210 Warburton Avenue
                                           Yonkers, NY 10701
                                            (914) 309-2466

Job Readiness ProgramFor the first time this year, we will sponsor a job readiness program for unemployed young people that might need training on the proper approach to finding a job. Assistance will be offered in the five categories listed below: 

1. Assessment
2. Job Readiness Training
3. Job Search Assistance
4. Job Placement
5. Job Follow-up

                                                           Program Duration

The program will be conducted 4 days per week at 3 hours per day totally 12 hours     per week for five (5) weeks equaling 60 hours per session times 5 sessions for 10 participants each session. Training sessions are scheduled to begin the first week in July 2018. Our expectations are to place each participant in a permanent job at the end of each session. If for any reason we are unable to find employment for any participant, we will continue to work with that participant until he or she is employed. 

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